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Design of a Waterproof Case for Medical use

Case StudyCase StudyWaterproof Case with Docking Station

Design a waterproof case to house an interactive electronics package for use in pediatric pain therapy.

Our client designed and produced a hand held interactive console used in medical therapy. To distract young patients while they undergo painful medical procedures, educational interactive programs and games are played on the console. These programs explain the procedure in simple, reassuring terms and give children something to focus their attention on, decreasing the amount of pain medication required during the procedure. When it cam time to develop the next generation of the console, our client asked us to examine every aspect of the product to see how it could be improved.

The console needed to be fully waterproof and made of medical-grade plastic to facilitate cleaning and enable them to be submerged by the patients during debridement. Additionally, the devices needed to minimize cracks and crevices where bacteria might hide, and be easy for small hands to handle.

Case StudyCase StudyWaterproof Console Case Back with interchangeable back plates

We began the redesign by reviewing the various environments where the device would be used, and by examining patient needs. We designed a clean, minimal surface from medical-grade plastic that could be manufactured using plastic injection. We then added rubber surfaces that wrap around portions of the design to make the Console housing easier to handle and more durable.

We realized that by creating several different bases, the device could be used by a wider range of patients in more complex settings.

  1. A handle was developed that enables the device to be held by only one arm.
  2. We designed a docking station that holds the console firmly while it charges and keeps the console perpendicular to the table.
    We also crafted a weighted base that holds the console at an angle on a less stable surface.
  3. Patients interact with the console through a thin, transparent, waterproof membrane.

Waterproof headphone jacks were designed to be used with the console, creating a more immersive environment that keeps patients focused on the device. The entire product achieved an IP67 rating for complete protection against dust and powerful water jets from any direction.

Results In clinical trials, these devices have been shown to keep patients focused for up to 40 minutes at a time - far longer than video games or television - and shown to significantly reduce pain and anxiety in patients from three to 12 years old.


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