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Solar Cable Assembly

Solar Cable AssemblySolar Cable Assembly

Designed for high UV environments - and the heat that comes with them - solar cable assemblies from Cypress Industries are extremely durable, minimizing downtime and maximizing ROI.

We develop solar cable assemblies for every part of the energy collection and distribution pipeline, from the solar field to local and remote control boxes, including battery rooms and junction boxes. We can work from your drawings or help you design custom solar cable assemblies and solar battery cables that include a wide variety of options, including in-line or independent fuses and MC3 or MC4 connectors, fuse assemblies and MC4 solar cable. We also develop assemblies that meet RoHS specifications, allowing them to be used anywhere in the world.

But we don’t just supply a wide array of solar panel and battery cables, fuses and connectors - we bring a broad set of skills and exacting attention to each solar panel cable assembly we build. We’ll review the full lifespan of the finished product, from environmental stresses and equipment demands to the various electrical needs of each panel and battery. From this analysis we’ll create a comprehensive manufacturing process that takes advantage of the broad array of techniques we offer: from precise ultrasonic welds that maintain the integrity of the materials, to overmolding with a custom die, allowing you to identify or brand each solar cable and connector. We’ll thoroughly document every aspect of the PV assembly process, utilizing our high-end ERP system and ensuring first-article quality on every repeat build.

Stripped Solar Cable 2 AWG WireStripped Solar Cable 2 AWG WireStripped Solar Cable 2 AWG Wire
Battery Cable with Butt SplicesBattery Cable with Butt SplicesBattery Cable with Butt Splices
Battery cable with grounding lugBattery cable with grounding lugBattery cable with grounding lug

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