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Tooling and Mold Making in China

Cypress China Tooling & Molding FactoryCypress China Tooling & Molding FactoryCypress China Tooling &
Molding Factory

Cypress Industries is one of the few plastic injection mold makers in China that has expert Chinese mold makers and US mold makers sharing knowledge and giving our customers the ability to manufacture molds and tooling both in the US and China. The unique ability to manufacture tools and run them in the US and China gives us a unique advantage in being able to warranty the tools we manufacture for the number of cycles we quote because we can ensure proper care is taken of them while at our molding facilities.

Cypress Industries specializes in manufacturing cost-effective custom plastic injection molding tooling in China for injection molded plastic parts. Innovative custom design tooling solutions such as our CAD/CAM plastic injection mold design services in China as well as our custom design tooling manufacturing in China, and tooling for export program ensure a low up front cost, high quality solution for our clients’ custom design tooling projects.

Deep ToolDeep ToolDeep Tool
Large EDM CenterLarge EDM CenterLarge EDM Center

Tooling and mold making in China is our preferred manufacturing method for our customers when time will allow. We feel by offering custom design tooling in China we are able to give our customers quality steel tools for the price they would pay for aluminum tools in the US. We can make molds and tools in China to run at our China or US plastics facilities, or to ship to your location. We routinely air ship Chinese plastic injection molds to our customers in order to hit shorter timelines.

Our expert Chinese mold makers and US engineers can assist customers in any country with many aspects of plastic injection tooling and mold making. Design for manufacturability and plastic injection mold design are one of Cypress Industries strengths. Properly utilizing these techniques with one another customers can not only improve their designs, but also increase part strength, reduce part weight, reduce cycle times and improve material characteristics all which can improve the product while reducing costs.

We offer custom design tooling for OEM’s, end-users, injection molded plastics shops, and injection mold makers at our engineering facilities in China and Taiwan. Input from our US engineers allows us to maintain the high quality of our plastic injection mold makers design services while keeping costs low.

EDM Insert In ProcessEDM Insert In ProcessEDM Insert In Process
Large ToolLarge ToolLarge Tool
Large Turbine Mold Frame with 10 SlidesLarge Turbine Mold Frame with 10 SlidesLarge Turbine Mold Frame
with 10 Slides

Cypress Industries designs and manufactures its clients’ custom tools, die's and molds to their specifications, produces new molds from our customers’ CAD files, or reverse engineers existing parts. As one of the premier plastic injection mold makers in China, we are very proficient at design for manufacturability of many types of parts. We have many different 3D design software platforms to adapt to our customers’ system. Digital data files and computerized machining are used almost exclusively for tooling of custom molds in China.

We manufacture custom design tools to many standards including DME.; If required by customers Cypress Industries can use any specified mold components whether metric or standard for bases, core & ejector pins, ejector sleeves, tool and die components, hot runner systems, hot sprue bushings and temperature control systems to ensure that interchangeable components are available at the tools final destination.

For small and extremely large parts, which can be manufactured specifically for small or dedicated long-run production molds, our precision plastic injection mold makers in Dongguan, China, provide high quality custom design tooling. Cypress Industries is one of the highest quality custom design tooling manufacturers in China, specializing in die and tooling design and tooling for export. We can manufacture tools that are multi-cavity molds, unscrewing molds, closure molds, hot-runner molds, and stack molds. With our facilities in the U.S. this allows Cypress Industries to provide global custom tooling solutions for our customers by exporting our tooling to countries all over the world.

Large Turbine Mold CoreLarge Turbine Mold CoreLarge Turbine Mold Core
Large Turbine Mold CavityLarge Turbine Mold CavityLarge Turbine Mold Cavity

Custom Tooling for Export

Custom tooling for export to the U.S. and other countries is becoming more popular. Cypress Industries builds a large portion of its custom designed plastic injection molding tools for export. Our clients have found that they can save 50-70% on tooling by having us manufacture the tools for them in China and export them to their facility, a local plastic shop, or our plastic injection molding facility. By making the molds in China customers can reduce their initially investment substantially.

Our warehouse and logistics centers in Dongguan China (just inside the border from Hong Kong) and Austin, Texas can make sure all of your delivery needs are met. From our China mold makers location we are able to ship to any locations in the world. In addition, our central United States location in Austin, Texas can warehouse product and provide next day service to cities such as Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, and Austin, Texas, for larger volume forecasted orders. We have routine shipments of containers coming into the central United States in order to provide competitive pricing on large orders. Please call to determine the large shipment transit time to your city.

Large Electronics Bezel ToolLarge Electronics Bezel ToolLarge Electronics Bezel Tool
Bezel forTape Storage DrivesBezel forTape Storage DrivesBezel forTape Storage Drives

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