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Large Part Plastic Injection Molding

Large Part Plastic Injection Molding
Large Part Injection Molding Machine

One of Cypress Industries focuses is large part plastic injection molding manufacturing and tooling. We manufacture large plastics items such as automotive parts, refrigerator panels, air conditioner bezels, washing machine tubs, overhead projectors, elevator panels, miniature car refrigerators, computer monitor plastic enclosures, televisions, automotive bumpers, instrument panels, and trim panels. Cypress Industries can make almost any large part plastic injection molding for any of your needs. For more information on our Automotive parts and products please visit our Automotive page, or for information on Tooling please visit our Tooling page.

Our large variety of equipment allows us to manufacture products for almost any plastic application. Large plastics machines ranging from 400 up to 500, 600, 750, 1000, 1200, 1500 and 2,000 Tons in size give us a full range of plastics capabilities. Warehousing and engineering at our central U.S. location in Texas, or shipping from our manufacturing facilities in China gives Cypress Industries a unique edge in servicing customers with large custom plastics needs.

Cypress Industries is capable of large part plastic injection molding products in all types of engineering grade resins requiring close-tolerance specifications with superior quality and aesthetics. We carry various CAD software programs to ensure we can assist you using most of

Cypress Industries also has additional capabilities including bonding, painting, printing and basic assembly of electronic components and plastic products. Many customers choose to source many electrical components through our electronics division of Cypress Industries. This allows us to be a single source for many of your plastic and electrical needs.

Our warehouse and logistics centers in Shenzhen China (just inside the border from Hong Kong) and Austin, Texas can make sure all of your delivery needs are met. From our China location we are able to ship to any locations in the world. In addition, our central United States location in Austin, Texas can warehouse product and provide next day service to cities such as Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, and Austin Texas for larger volume forecasted orders. We have routine shipments of containers

coming into the central United States in order to provide competitive pricing on large orders. Please call to determine the large shipment transit time to your city.

Impeller and Fan Blades
Impeller and Fan Blades
Overhead Projectors Overhead Projectors
Refrigerator Panels
Refrigerator Panels
Air Conditioner Bezels Air Conditioner Bezels
Washing Machine ss Tubs and Parts Washing Machine ss Tubs and Parts
Car Refrigerator Plastics
Car Refrigerator Plastics
Elevator Panels Elevator Panels
Television Backshell Television Backshell
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