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Custom Wire Harnesses

Custom Wire Harness with Deutsch ConnectorCustom Wire Harness with Deutsch Connector Custom Wire Harness with Deutsch Connector

Cypress Industries builds custom wire harnesses for the most demanding environments and specifications. But our team can also examine the entire production run and the full life cycle of any custom wire harness to utilize materials and production methods that greatly extend the life of your equipment and significantly decrease production costs. Our team’s sole focus is to develop a dependable, cost-effective custom wire harness that perfectly meets your needs.


  • Our custom braiding equipment creates wire harnesses that are highly abrasion-resistant, and increases the tensile strength or flexibility of a wire harness, allowing for high numbers of bend cycles and decreasing the possibility of downtime.
  • We can incorporate custom colors in a wire harness, minimizing training time and speeding up installation and maintenance. We can also embed a logo or text into overmolds on the harness, extending your brand or providing helpful direction for users.
  • We use dozens of specialized materials to combat environmental hazards or prevent corrosion. We can also design custom potting fixtures to extend the useful life of a harness: we’ll hermetically seal cables with specialized cements to separate circuit boards from gas fumes in gas pump applications, or pot wire harnesses with low-expansion compounds that withstand temperature variations.
  • We automate manufacturing whenever possible, including stripping, crimping, labeling and tie-wrapping, to decrease manufacturing time and increase quality control.


  • Each part of the manufacturing process is logged in our high-end ERP system, allowing us to create repeat builds that maintain exactly the same quality as the first.
  • Each step and every operator is monitored, and testing is performed at several places within the manufacturing process. Every finished piece is also tested according to your customized specifications.
  • Our facilities are ITAR-certified for secure manufacturing of military custom wire harnesses.


Potted Cable Harness with Automotive ConnectorsPotted Cable Harness with Automotive ConnectorsPotted Cable Harness with Automotive Connectors
  • We manufacture wire harnesses in any of our facilities - China, India and the U.S. - using whatever cost structures best suit your needs. We can design in the U.S., then ship the entire specification to China for reduced development and shipping costs, or develop some other configuration. Your requirements determine the best way for us to work.
  • We can design and build high volume runs, then store and ship the wire harnesses as needed, or create a small initial run and do as many repeat builds as you need. We can develop custom stocking or KANBAN programs to suit your delivery needs.
  • Since our high-end ERP system allows us to build identical wire harnesses in any facility, we can duplicate your production run in more than one plant, improving turn times and decreasing shipping costs.
Custom Wire Harnessesire Harness With LED'sWire Harness With LED's
Custom Wire HarnessCustom Wire HarnessCustom Wire Harness
Industrial Oven Wire Harness with Relays on Sheet Metal AssemblyIndustrial Oven Wire Harness with Relays on Sheet Metal AssemblyIndustrial Oven Wire Harness with Relays on Sheet Metal Assembly
Custom Discrete Wire Harness with many BreakoutsCypressIndustries.comCustom Discrete Wire Harness with many Breakouts
Custom Wire Harness with Tubing and LED’sCustom Wire Harness with Tubing and LED’sCustom Wire Harness with Tubing and LED’s
Custom Wire HarnessCustom Wire HarnessCustom Wire Harness

QuoteTechnology and solutions continually evolve and advance, and because of that, standard off the shelf solutions of harnesses and assemblies simply don't work. Our customers need a partner that can help design, build, and deliver a solution that meets their specific need. There are several iterations until the final product is designed and established and because of all these changes in diversity and manufacturing, we are capable of providing continual support throughout the process and evolution of the solution our customers want. Custom wire harnesses play an important role with all of our customers, and in turn we provide the perfect solution to their end users and give them the ability to differentiate themselves from their competitors.

Dave Benker /President
Cypress Industries

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