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Plastic Injection Mold Repair Services

Disassembled ToolDisassembled ToolDisassembled Tool

Cypress Industries provides plastic injection mold repair services in the USA and China. Our tooling and mold making facilities are not only able to manufacture new molds, tools and dies, we are also able to provide routine maintenance, warranty work, tool refurbishment as well as more extensive reworks from badly damaged or crashed tools.

Tooling and mold maintenance is an important part of keeping a plastic injection mold in good working condition. Many times molders do not perform proper tool maintenance, and if a tool is moved to a new molding location, this could cause strained relations with the new molder. Cypress Industries prior to shipment to your new molder can examine your tool and recommend routine maintenance, or minor reworks to get the tool into peak working condition prior to arriving at your new molder. Because we have our own plastic injection molding machines we can also load your tool and ensure it is working properly so you have an intermediary and third party opinion of tool condition between two molding companies or a tool maker and molder.

Transitioning plastic injection molds from one country to another can be very frustrating. Language barriers between Mexico, China and the USA can cause weeks of extra time bringing up tools shipped to a new molder. Using Cypress Industries plastic injection mold repair services, allowing us to analyze your tools and provide you with 3rd party reports on their working condition allows for a much easier transition to your new molding location.

Cypress Industries is able to perform tool and die welding in precise locations to fix tools. Our preferred method of tool repair is to place an insert of high quality steel into the area that needs to be reworked, as this proves to be a longer term solution and maintains integrity of the steels hardness throughout the mold. Plastic injection mold welding is typically not advised on some molders require 3D and 2D prints of all tools, in addition to the parts before molding. If you are moving molding facilities and this is required, Cypress Industries can help you recreate plastic injection molding tooling drawings. Due to the complexity of this, it can be a slow and expensive process. Although Cypress Industries prefers tool drawings when performing plastic injection mold repair services, it is not required. Many times we can save our customers significant dollars if our machinists and tool makers do not have to spend additional hours analyzing the tool before performing work.

New Insert ConstructionNew Insert ConstructionNew Insert Construction

Cypress Industries is able to provide plastic injection mold repairs services in the US and Asia. Our USA facility is centrally located in Austin Texas with close proximity to much of the US as well as Mexico. We have personnel that speak Spanish in order to be able to communicate effectively with molders and tooling shops in Mexico. Our China tooling facility is located in Dongguan China which is in the heart of the electronics and plastics manufacturing hub in southern China.

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