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India Wire Harnesses

Custom Cable Harness made in IndiaCustom Cable Harness made in India

Even the simplest automated wire harness configurations require perfect alignment, potting, overmolding and construction - that’s why we inspect, document and test each wire harness so thoroughly. To take a project from design to field requires highly trained, technical employees working as a cohesive unit, maximizing each person’s skill set to ensure competitive labor costs.

Our wire harness manufacturing facility in India is perfectly suited to these exacting demands, and the right partner for your custom wire harnesses. This facility specializes in automotive wire harnesses, taking advantage of readily available automotive components and competitive labor rates to provide custom configurations that meet the specialized demands of today’s uniquely configured vehicles.

Custom India Wire Harness for Industrial OvensCustom India Wire Harness for Industrial OvensCustom India Wire Harness for Industrial Ovens

India, as the world’s second most populous nation, with more than one billion people, is the one of the biggest economies on Earth with a deep supply of skilled workers.We have the entire infrastructure, processes and procedures, highly skilled employees and purchasing relationships to be successful in producing excellent quality products at low costs. Cypress has had solid ties with India since 2002 with IT and vendor partners. We have mirrored our India operation with our highly successful operation in Austin, Texas.

Custom Cable Harness made in IndiaCustom Cable Harness made in India
Why India?
  • Indian Rupee continues to be stable
  • Extensive investment in Infrastructure continues
  • India annual Exports have now exceeded $300 Billion
  • Reduce costs, while maintaining an extreme level of quality.
  • We have a fully committed team in Austin, Texas able to see real time activities in India with our ERP system so you will have essentially 24 hour support with either our India Personnel or US personnel.
  • Our team in China works closely with the Team in India to continually improve processes, procedures and sourcing.

We believe India’s workforce skills and cost advantages, improving policies and regulations, growing middle class, and ongoing investment in infrastructure will continue to boost its competitive advantage on the global manufacturing front.

QuoteAs our customers demand has grown so has our manufacturing capabilities here at Cypress Industries. We assist our customers to get them through new product development into prototype runs and quickly advance into mass production. We continually strive to offer an above expectation quality product at competitive price. We opened our own manufacturing facility in India after many of our customers turned to us as a result of poor quality, poor delivery, or poor communication of their supply chain within Mexico, or offshore in Asia.

With an ample amount of manufacturing space, a USA and China team supporting our India facility as well as a GM that travels constantly between both locations, Cypress seamlessly offers solutions to our customers at a competitive rate above and beyond those seen at other off shore manufacturing solutions.

We mirror all of our quality steps, including electrical testers, Ohms resistance, and will continually create mating jigs, or fixtures to 100% test all products manufactured at our facility. We also follow our standard process of a first article approval prior to production release.

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