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Custom Cables Portfolio

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Custom Junction Cable Harness for industrial vehicles – using 2 part 3M potting compound and split loom for protection, all connections use a wire seal at the termination crimp. 5 pin male circular to 3 position positive lock connector and 5 pin female circular.
Custom Panel Mount Cable Assembly – 6 Pin circular male connector with four discrete wires to tinned contact.
Custom Overmolded Cable Black DSub 9 position overmolded to RJ11 and seven shrouded spade terminals.
Custom overmolded 1x6 pin connector to custom 1x4 pin overmolded connector, red wire and overmolds.
Custom Industrial Crane Cable, two conductor positive lock connector to shrouded spade lugs with industrial protective sheathing (split loom).
Custom Cable Assembly for Semiconductor Industry used for Camera Power, 3 circuit connector mate-n-lock UL94V-2 600V to 3 circuit housing mate-n-lock 600V, using twisted pair 18 AWG, 300V PVC cable, contact pins silver over nickel.
Custom Cable, 9 pin Military Circular Connector (with molded boot) to 15 pin dsub with metal backshell.
9 pin Military Circular Connector with overmolded boot.
Custom Cable, Circular Connector (right angle military connector with molded boot) to 15 pin dsub with metal backshell.
Right angle military circular connector with overmolded boot.
Custom Cable, Sealed Waterproof (IP-67) Plug Connector with molded boot to 15 pin dsub.
Waterproof, Sealed (IP-67) 4 position Plug Connector with overmolded boot.
Custom Cable, Nexiq Pro-Link 12 Pin Packard to 15 pin dsub.
Nexiq Pro-Link 12 Pin Packard overmolded connector.
Custom Cable, 6 Pin Deutsch Circular Connector with molded boot to 15 pin dsub.
Overmolded Circular Connector, 6 pin Deutsch.
Custom Cable Assembly, 30 conductor, crimp style, 3x10 male connector to 3x10 female connector, 2 independently jacketed shielded cables.
Custom Cable for Semiconductor Industry, 9pin DSub with die cast backshell to 9 socket circular, using 4 twisted pair, 24AWG with foil shield and drain, crimp pins with gold flash..
Custom Cable Assembly with 4 socket circular to 4 pin circular with 16-18AWG crimp pins gold/nickel using 300V, 105C red plenum rated cable with foil and braid shield and color coded identification labels.
Custom Cable Assembly for Pneumatic Controller, 15 position plug connector to 25 socket connector with metal backshells, using 7 twisted pair 24AWG cable with foil shield and drain.
Custom cable assembly, power distribution module to 6 position circular receptacle housing with high current relay, resistor, 12 awg insulated PVC wire UL1015 in ½” slit convoluted loom tubing.
Custom cable assembly, High Density (HD) 26pin Dsub IDC to HD 15 pin Dsub with 18awg wire.
Custom cable assembly, 4 pin panel mount circular connector to 4 pin receptacle connector with ferrules, discrete wire 1000V moisture resistant 18awg UL Rated E13773.
Microminiature custom cable assembly for Bluetooth, 6 position 0.6 MM IDC receptacle connector to 8 pin connector, 36 awg (gauge) discrete hook-up wire, PTFE, 4 inches.

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