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What type of manufacturing do you do?
Cypress Industries performs a wide variety of electronics, plastics, and metals contract manufacturing at both our domestic and Asia facilities. Our U.S. facilities are designed for low to moderate volume projects requiring shorter lead times whereas Cypress is a contract manufacturing service supplier in Asia. Our China electronic, plastic, and metal manufacturing facilities are designed for moderate to high volume projects.

In the United States, Cypress Industries manufactures electronic products, cables, box builds, plastic injection molding, custom tooling, precision machining, and performs circuit board rework and basic assembly as well as various other associated manufacturing methods.

In China Cypress maintains all the capabilities of the U.S. but also manufactures a full line of metal products as well including: investment casting, sand casting, die casting, metal injection molding, aluminum extrusion and many others.

Cypress Industries also has the ability to combine all of these parts together to deliver you a final assembly, packaged and ready to be delivered to your consumers.

What are manufacturing lead times in the US and China?
Typical manufacturing lead times vary for different types of products and also depending on volumes. For an initial production run in China, the typical lead-time is five weeks for production. After the initial production run, lead times are typically closer to four weeks. In addition, after production in China, freight will take one week by air and approximately five weeks by ocean.

In the U.S. lead-times depend largely on raw material availability. If raw materials are in stock, manufacturing lead times are typically one to three weeks depending on production backlog. If raw materials must be ordered and are not expedited, the additional lead-time will typically be one week.

- China versus U.S. Manufacturing Pros and Cons
Cypress Industries has traditionally manufactured the preponderance of its product in China. Through the years we have found there to be value in maintaining both domestic and China manufacturing capabilities. Our experience shows deciding whether to manufacture either domestically or offshore strictly depends upon the unique needs of each customer.

An obvious benefit to manufacturing in China is the opportunity to drastically reduce production costs. For electronic and metal products our customers have experienced 40-80% manufacturing cost savings depending on labor requirements. In addition, our plastics customers typically experience up to 50% production cost reductions by choosing to produce products offshore depending again on labor requirements. The higher the volumes produced the more cost savings Cypress is able to provide for its customers.

However, manufacturing in China does have a few drawbacks that should be taken into consideration. As a result of the rise in world energy prices, the cost of freight (air and ocean) has also risen substantially in recent years. Additionally, should the client desire a quick-turn production for manufacturing performed in China, the cost of airing goods into the US can be very expensive. Because goods shipped from China to the US via ocean require 5 weeks on the water, our factories in China require longer lead-times.

The major benefits to Cypress’s domestic manufacturing operations are the ability to provide customers with quick turn lower volume production services and the closer proximity of manufacturing activities to customers. Domestic manufacturing requires shorter lead times, and the closer proximity provides substantial cost savings opportunities on freight.

Will you manufacture my previously designed product (e.g. a product based on existing prototypes, designs, or drawings)?
Of course! In fact, approximately 90% of products manufactured by Cypress Industries are based on existing prototypes, designs, or drawings. While your product may have previously been designed elsewhere, Cypress is in an excellent position to assist you in improving those designs by exploring engineering cost-savings options or manufacturability improvements.

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