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Cypress Industries Customers Report High Satisfaction Ratings

In a recent satisfaction survey of Cypress Industries' current customers, results were strong.

AUSTIN, TX, Sept. 28, 2016

Customers were questioned about the quality of products and services that Cypress Industries provides them. On a scale of 1-5, with 5 being the best, all respondents rated Cypress between a 4.5 to a 5. Items they were asked to consider when answering this question included packaging quality; overall perception of quality; product meeting form, fit and functional requirements; and responsiveness to any issues.

Next, customers were asked how satisfied they were when working with Cypress Industries personnel. Over 90% were satisfied to extremely satisfied with the latter category having the majority of responses.

When asked how well Cypress understands their needs, customers responded with over 95% reporting as somewhat well to extremely well with 82% saying very well or better.

An impressive 100% of Cypress Industries customers replied that the company was convenient to do business with as well as professional.

Timelines are typically important to clients and over 95% of customers reported Cypress as following their project timelines closely.

While the above customer feedback is gratifying, one of the truest measurements of a company is whether or not their customers recommend them to others. When asked this question, over 95% of Cypress Industries customers said they are likely to recommend the company.

About Cypress Industries

Cypress Industries is a global, vertically-integrated contract manufacturer of custom cable assemblies and wire harnesses, custom control panels, plastic injection molding, machining and metal castings. Our vertical integration provides us with a unique perspective into many different manufacturing techniques. This enhances our core competence of assisting customers with design for manufacturability and value engineering. Our wholly-owned custom cable, control panel and wire harness manufacturing facilities in India and China give us the ability to service customers' high-volume needs and global locations.

Media Contact:
Heather Pierce
[email protected]
Cypress Industries Contact:
Tim O'Grady, Chief Marketing Officer
[email protected]

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