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Cypress Industries MTRJ, RJ45 and LC Test Fixtures Reduce Time and Costs of Electronic Equipment Testing Processes

New Offerings Accelerate Networking and Telecommunications Equipment Manufacturers’ Time to Market for Components and Products

Austin, TX, August 1, 2003

Cypress Industries today announced the introduction several new test fixtures, including the MTRJ 1x4 test fixture, the SC test fixture, the LC test fixture and the 2x6 RJ45 test fixture, designed to enhance the testing processes typically undertaken by high-volume telecommunications and networking equipment manufacturers.

Cypress Industries’ test fixtures include unique features that facilitate easy plug-in and removal, allowing customers to perform equipment tests faster and more efficiently. “Each of these products has been designed with our customers’ needs in mind, ” said Cypress Industries CEO, Tom Lonsdale. “Primarily, we were concerned about productivity in the testing process. We’ve designed these products with durability in mind, helping to reduce wear and in-process breakage.”

MTRJ Test Fixture
The Cypress Industries four-position MTRJ test fixture is both springless and clipless, increasing productivity in self-testing fiber optic communication equipment. The MTRJ test fixture has a proprietary design that prevents wear and decreases the chances for operator errors. Its unique design gives a positive latch when inserted to ensure that connectors are mating correctly every time. The MTRJ test fixture available in multimode and single mode varieties and can be color coded for convenient identification.

SC Test Fixture
The SC test fixture is designed as a duplexing clip that holds two multimode or single mode connectors. It protects fiber in a looped a-b set-up or as an extended handle easing insertion and extraction. The SC test fixture contains two holes in the rear, designed to facilitate the joining of fibers together. With its sturdy design, the SC test fixture is suitable for repeated uses. The SC test fixture is available in multiple colors for identification purposes.

LC Test Fixture
The Cypress Industries LC test fixture is available in four- and eight-position varieties and in both single- and multimode fomats. Additionally, the eight-position LC test fixture is available in both 14 and 17 mm spacing for both types of GBIC holders to increase productivity.

2x6 RJ45 Test Fixture
The Cypress Industries 2x6 RJ45 test fixture is designed to be inserted into hubs or switches for simultaneous self-testing, reducing the labor associated with testing. The RJ45 test fixture is available in multiple configurations and can be customized for multiple customer applications.

About Cypress Industries

Cypress Industries is a manufacturing and services company that accelerates time to profit for electronics components and products. Since 2001, Cypress Industries has delivered unique solutions to our customers’ most challenging design, manufacturing, fulfillment and logistics problems while allowing them to focus on their core businesses. Atypical of most manufacturing outsourcers, Cypress Industries applies creativity, extensive industry knowledge and a relentless pursuit of customer satisfaction to solving manufacturing problems without regard to size or complexity. Our ISO 9001-certified offshore and domestic facilities ensures manufacturing consistency and high-quality finished products. By offering lower tooling costs and shorter lead-times, Cypress Industries designs, engineers and fulfills high-quality electronics components and finished products quicker and more cost-effectively than many other manufacturing companies. Cypress Industries’ headquarters is in Austin, Texas. More information about Cypress Industries can be found at

In response to industry growth, Cypress Industries also provides metal castings and plastic injection molding through its newly introduced Industrial Division. Locate more information about Cypress Industries Industrial Division at .


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