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Cypress Industries, a custom over molded cable assembly manufacturer, adds over-molding machines to domestic US operations to mirror China operation’s capabilities in custom cable assembly

Austin, TX, October 1, 2004

In response to amplifying customer emand for cable over-molding, custom cable assembly, and custom cables over-molding assembly services, Cypress Industries added two over-molding machines for custom cable assembly to its domestic operations in 2005.

Cable over-molding and customer cable over-molding offer customers both more secure and longer lasting products. In recent years, over-molding capabilities among US manufacturing firms have been diminishing as many firms are opting to relocate these services to low-cost geographic locations. With the addition of over-molding machines to its domestic US operations on top of its functions as a custom overmolded cable assembly manufacturer and the ability to produce custom tooling both domestically and in China, Cypress Industries is one of the few players in the market today positioned to offer customers both flexible quick-turn and low cost manufacturing solutions to their specific production needs.

About Cypress Industries

Cypress Industries is a manufacturing and services company that accelerates time to profit for electronics components and products. Since 2001, Cypress Industries has delivered unique solutions to our customers’ most challenging esign, manufacturing, fulfillment and logistics problems while allowing them to focus on their core businesses. Atypical of most manufacturing outsourcers, Cypress Industries applies creativity, extensive industry knowledge and a relentless pursuit of customer satisfaction to solving manufacturing problems without regard to size or complexity. Our ISO 9001-certified offshore and omestic facilities ensures manufacturing consistency and high-quality finished products. By offering lower tooling costs and shorter lead-times, Cypress Industries designs, engineers and fulfills high-quality electronics components and finished products quicker and more cost-effectively than many other manufacturing companies. Cypress Industries’ headquarters is in Austin, Texas. More information about Cypress Industries can be found at

In response to industry growth, Cypress Industries also provides metal castings and plastic injection molding through its newly introduced Industrial Division. Locate more information about Cypress Industries Industrial Division at .


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