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Create Better Custom Cable Assemblies With Cypress’s Braiding Machine

Austin, TX, September 29, 2012

Recently, Cypress Industries purchased a top-of-the-line braiding machine from Composite & Wire Machinery, Inc. that enables us to create even more rugged custom cable assemblies and wire harnesses better protected from exposure to the environment and expected wear from everyday use. We understand that companies in automotive, agriculture, and industrial fields have a vital need for durable parts. At Cypress, we vow to meet this need by offering the highest quality products possible. Our new braiding machine can sheath up to three feet of wire per minute and easily create clean breakouts.

Contact us today to learn more.

CypressIndustries.comCypressIndustries.comWithout Breakout
CypressIndustries.comCypressIndustries.comWith Breakout


Cypress Industries,
8027 Exchange Drive,  AustinTX 78754, USA
phone 512.637.2540 | fax 512.637.2541 |

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