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Cypress Industries continues our Green & Environmental initiatives

Cypress Industries ( strives to be the leader in green and environmentally conscientious global wire harness and cable assembly manufacturing companies.  Throughout 2015 and into 2016 we were proud to have made many changes to our work processes and work environment to make an impact on our environment through recycling, waste reduction and decreasing energy usage. One of the larger investments we made in 2015 was to partner with Demand Lighting, Inc., ( to replace all of our fluorescent production and warehouse lighting with Light-Emitting Diode (LED) lighting technology. "Gary Morrissey, COO and Matthew Rubino, Director of Sales were true partners on this project. These look great and in the 5 months since installation, we have true savings of 17% on our utility bills directly attributed to this project. We are well ahead of our payback schedule on this investment. The results so far enable us to move forward for a 100% conversion to LED throughout our entire facility scheduled for March and April of 2016" says Tim O'Grady CFO.

The US Department of Energy affirms that LED lights are the most energy-efficient lighting source currently available. When compared to metal halide, sodium, incandescent, or fluorescent light, LEDs are mercury and toxic free, can last up to 20 years and provide a crisper spectrum of light while consuming less wattage. The DOE estimates widespread use of LED lighting will have the greatest future impact on energy savings for the United States. By 2027 it is estimated that the use of LED lighting will reduce electricity demand by approximately 33% or about 350 TWh, equivalent to a savings of $30 billion in today's electricity prices.

About Cypress Industries

Cypress Industries is a vertically-integrated contract manufacturer specializing in custom cable assemblies, custom wire harnesses, plastic injection mold making, custom plastic injection molding and metal castings. Cypress Industries is one of the few custom cable manufacturers with the engineering expertise to manufacture a wide range of cables including custom cables, custom wire harnesses and electromechanical assemblies. With manufacturing facilities now in China, India, and Austin, Texas Cypress Industries is able to offer flexibility in our supply chain for quick-turn or low-cost manufacturing.


Cypress Industries,
Registered Office Address: 325 N St. Paul Street, Suite 4400, Dallas Texas 75201
Principal Office Address: 2750 Burbank St,, Austin, Texas 78754
Phone 214.550.1226

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