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Rapid Prototypes

ABS Printed Enclosure BottomABS Printed Enclosure Bottom

Cypress Industries does product design and rapid prototypes, as well as rapid prototyping of metal parts, rapid tooling prototyping and CNC rapid prototyping. We manufacture plastic and metal rapid prototypes with the following techniques: SLS, SLA, RTV Silicone, metal casting, CNC machined and with aluminum tooling.

Cypress Industries has SLS, SLA and RTV Silicon rapid prototyping capabilities. We also have our own machine shop to produce CNC rapid prototyping, as well as quick-turn aluminum tooling to run in our own plastic injection molding machines. We have a variety of MUD bases to allow us to manufacture tools of different sizes quickly both in Austin, Texas and China depending on our clients lead times and cost constraints.

Our Product Design group recommends rapid prototypes of all parts before proceeding with hard tooling. Rapid prototypes allow the customer to confirm their design before creating hard tooling that can be very expensive and time consuming to modify.

ABS Printed Prototype EnclosureABS Printed Prototype Enclosure
SLS EnclosureSLS Enclosure
SLS Prototype with Machined Aluminum Heatink and PCBSLS Prototype with Machined Aluminum Heatink and PCB

One of the benefits of rapid prototypes is that you can create low volume complex parts with no tooling. Many customers are moving to rapid prototyping of parts for projects where they feel volumes will never warrant hard tooling. For complex geometries this can yield a significant cost savings over having to pay for hard tooling.

CNC rapid prototyping yields the accuracy and strength of a production part in a quick-turn process. CNC rapid prototyping both plastic and metal parts creates a good compliment to SLS and SLA techniques.

SLS Prototype with Machined Heatsink and PCBSLS Prototype with Machined Heatsink and PCB
Aluminum Extrusion, Machined Plastic and Santoprene Mock Up PrototypeAluminum Extrusion, Machined Plastic and Santoprene Mock Up Prototype
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