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How long does it take to ship from China to the US?
Typically, shipping via ocean from China to the US takes approximately 4-5 weeks. Additionally, airfreighting goods into the US takes 7 days for bulk shipments.

How much does ocean shipping and air shipping cost from China?
Estimates of China freight shipping costs for air and ocean are shown below. These costs are to be used as estimates only and can vary depending on the season and oil prices.

5-40lbs $8.50/lb
40-100lbs $6.50/lb.
100-150lbs $5.00/lb.
150-1000lbs $4.50/lb.
> 1000lbs $2.50/lb.

20’ container $3800
40’ container $5000
> 1 Pallet $750
> 1 Pallet $550/pallet

** Please NOTE, Cypress Industries is NOT A FREIGHT FORWARDER, these are estimates for freight for our customers only. We do not answer freight questions for anyone other than our customers and potential customers.

*A “less than container load (LCL)” includes shipments that do not fill an entire container on its own and must be consolidated with other LCLs during shipping.

Above is a chart of approximate shipping costs. Shipping rates are functions of many variables and fluctuate quite frequently. The above approximations exclude all associated international duties and tariffs.

Another important factor is where the client takes possession of their goods, and who is responsible for paying each portion of the associated shipping costs. A detailed chart explaining the terminology is listed at the link below.

**Freight Terminology

Which shipping method do you recommend?
Both timing and costs are the major drivers in answering this question. Generally, we recommend ocean shipment for large volume orders. Shipping ocean will allow a lower per pound shipping cost but requires longer lead times. As mentioned above, shipping via ocean typically takes 4-5 weeks. For smaller volume orders for which time is a critical factor we recommend airfreight.

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